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I Hate My Friends. Are You Feeling Like That?

I hate my friends. Are you feeling like that?

The ‘I hate my friends’ feeling

In a digital age like today, the social culture is changing so much. Most of us have been at a stage in life when we hated our friends for one or many reasons. Friendship is one of the most special feelings one can experience. Real friendships are said to refresh one’s soul. Yet sometimes you might end up with the wrong group of people. Sometimes you can think of friendships as liquids; they come and go. Some may stay along for the long term, and some might not. Liquids have the freedom to move any way it wants; the same applies to friendships. 

Ten common traits possessed by backstabbers

  1. They are only happy around you when you let them win at everything.
  2. When they get a chance to throw you under the bus for a personal gain, they willingly do it.
  3. They are jealous of you.
  4. They are not interested in your point of view in a conversation.
  5. You regularly help them, and when you ask them for help, they refuse at first sight and act completely different.
  6. They use you for material gains.
  7. They are not interested in initiating conversations with you.
  8. They behave in a different way around you and others.
  9. They enjoy hurting people.
  10. They don’t care about your emotions.

Identify the Reason

If you start feeling saturated around your friends and start to feel hatred towards them, it is a reliable indicator that you need to retrospect the origin of the feeling. You might feel like there is no real connection between you and them. You might feel like they produce a lot of negative energy around you. Sometimes you feel like you need your own space or so sometimes your feeling might not even be hate, but just discomfort. Every friend that has passed through your life has had an influence on you for at least a small period of time. Finding the reason is not an easy task. These are your friends, who you enjoyed hanging out with, but you need to realize people change with time.

The Fix – Forgive or Cut them away

Once you’re able to find the reason for your hatred, the next step would be the fix. Working on your anger towards them would be the first step. If something has happened, you need to accept and move on. Holding on a grudge would only make things worse. If it still makes you uneasy being around them, try intentionally to feel good around them. They could be draining you till the last drop of your patience or energy, but you still need to hold it in. Sometimes, you might also need to cut them out and get some space. It can be overwhelming at the beginning, but in the long run, you’ll start to feel blessed because of the less drama involved in your daily life. You need to understand that, how much ever you try to protect such people, they will turn against you, the moment they get a chance. These people will never be happy if you don’t let them win at everything. Letting go can be hard, but it’s completely worth it. Sometimes, you might need to forgive them when you start to think about the problem from a different perspective. It can be very hard, considering the damage. Trying to understand the intention behind the behavior, by understanding their circumstances, can help you forgive someone.  It is not hard to draw a line on when you should be forgiving and when you should cut people away. It all depends on the damage and intensity of the situation. 


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