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I Want To Run Away From My Life : Are You Feeling Like That?

I want to run away from my life : Are you feeling like that?

Running away from life and Depression

Let’s all be honest; We all have thought about running away from life at a certain point. For some of us, even today, the question of running away from life runs on our train of thought. Life can be unfair and overwhelming at times. Sometimes, we want to leave everything behind us and run away. Things around you might have started piling up, and you’re bummed out from everything around you from people to daily chores, and you might start feeling like it’s not worth it. Many people face this problem, contrary to what we think.

People usually tend to feel like running away from life when they are completely stressed out and want a way out. Running away isn’t always the right answer to your problems. You need to get this straight onto your mindset. You should try to understand more precisely what you’re trying to run away from because if you don’t, how much farther you run away, it might come back. The most common reasons why people want to run away from life are because of people around them, the tasks they do, and the negative thoughts that run by them. This is why it is essential to break down or understand the core reason why you may want to run away. If we can work out on finding the reason, we could do something about it.

Running away from life is harder than you think. Many people frame running away as a bad thing, but it entirely depends on the situation. If you’re burned out and need a short vacation to reset yourself, then running away isn’t really bad, because it can provide significant relief to your current situation. Self-love is important. You need to learn to love yourself. 

Running away and starting a new life sounds very exciting, but it takes a whole lot of effort. Moving away might worsen your depression and create more troubles. It seems fancy to move to a new city, try new things, stay near a beach, but as we mentioned earlier, if you can’t figure out the reason why you want to run away, it will eventually come back. There is no secret sauce to know if you want to run away from life, but here is something you can try. Think of it as an essential pre-step to running away. Try to take a short trip for a few days to someplace you always loved traveling to, or you could go on a road trip to somewhere you always wanted to go. You could do it solo, or with somebody you’re comfortable. Remember, sometimes being solo is what we need to connect to ourselves.  There is no shame in it!

i want to run away

What are your other options?

Before you make a big decision of such sort, try to list out the pros and cons of running away from life. If your urge gets really bad, then you should consider talking about it people who you’re close with. You could also consult a medical professional, therapist, or a counselor, or with somebody who might have experienced this in the past. When you get your feelings out, it will help you lighten your thoughts, which will, in turn, help you make decisions with more clarity. Don’t feel ashamed to seek help!


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