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I’m Scared. Are You Feeling Like That?

I’m scared. Are you feeling like that?

First things first, It is okay to be scared. Certainly, it is not the end of everything. You might just be in a bad phase, and like everything, things will turn around. 

Mini exercise

Let’s do a mini exercise. Try to take a deep breath and focus on how you inhale and exhale. Repeat it three times. Now, just try to understand that how much ever petrified you might be feeling right now, your body is trying to do all its functions in peace. It doesn’t matter, if you screwed up or let somebody down, it is there for you. When you think about it from a macro level, your problem might look smaller now. There can be thousands of other worse things happening now, but it is not happening. 

Your insecurities might be piling up, and your life might seem to fill with self-doubt about your capabilities. You might feel like you’re on the edge of life. You might be constantly worried about other people’s opinions about you. You might be concerned about millions of different reasons, but you need to realize that things will change over time. We have no way of knowing what the future holds on for us, but the best we can do is make the best decisions, hoping the best will happen


What are you really scared of? Are you scared of getting rejected? Are you afraid of being in a relationship? Are you scared of applying for a new job? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to pay the debt, or are you scared of the future? All these fears are legitimate, and you need to realize it is completely okay. Sometimes you can overcome them, sometimes you can’t. That’s how humans are programmed. Make your peace with that. 

Take chances

Think about the last time you were scared about something this bad. How did it go? Did everything fall across? Now, think about the time before. You did pass through those phases, and just know that you’ll also pass through this stage. Lord Buddha, believed most of the sufferings as individuals and as a society are caused by fears.

Sometimes being scared can also work your way as a long term payoff. It takes you through different roads, you never imagined yourself walking through. People are afraid of taking chances because they are scared of fears. You take on new paths and get more experienced. Seize the moment. Do things you can’t do later. You already failed something, if you didn’t even try for it. Embrace your fears. Take chances. 

Remember, “This too shall pass.”

Get busy with things you love

Often you feel scared when you’re not preoccupied. A mind is a mysterious tool. The more it starts to wander, the scarier it can be. If you start feeling to get scared, one of the best ways is to get busy and occupy your train of thoughts. Start doing things you love or like. Start exploring, try new things. Sometimes all you need to do is to change your mind, from the thoughts that scare you, and time starts to work on your favor eventually.


If you feel comfortable talking to someone about your thoughts, do it. Maybe the person you wish to talk with, have already suffered the feelings you’re at and can help you out. Don’t feel embarrassed about reaching out. If you feel like you don’t have anyone close to talk with, try counselors. You can also find them online.

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