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James Middleton And Depression

James Middleton and Depression

James Middleton and Depression

James William Middleton, the 32-year-old brother of Duchess Kate Middleton, became famous at the age of 23 because of the marriage of his elder sister to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. In an interview for Tatler magazine, the English entrepreneur from Berkshire told about his experience with depression and how it was very challenging to accept this transition as he had to question himself about his senses. His business Boomf also started to see record losses during those years.

James Middleton further said that the public unexpectedly judged him whether he was a failure or success as a person. It was very overwhelming for him as he has to be mentally prepared to accept the events happening at that time. 

Crippling depression

James also added that there were several other reasons for his crippling depression. He further explained that depression is a condition that makes you feel guilty for your presence and can compel you to be in your bed. He started to feel like there was no reason for the depression he experienced. Lucks were in his favor, because he got whatever he wanted, as his young upbringing could not have happened in a perfect environment like this. Though he never wanted anything more, something was still missing. This feeling is what took over him, and he tried to ignore it as much as he can.


James Middleton Depression


But he had not decided to talk about his health problems to Heads Together, a charity for mental health crises run by Prince William and Duchess Kate. He felt like a complete failure for most of the time during bad episodes of depression.

Attention Deficit Disorder Diagnosis

James revealed his problem of crippling depression for the first time for The Daily Mail editorial published in January. He further explained that he understood his condition better than others as he worked on creating strategies to manage his problem as well as getting help from the professionals. In his interview with Tatler, James revealed that even though his parents suspected something wrong, James never tried to involve them in his problems. He had also discontinued talking with his family in this regard. But such things can end only when you can hold them up to you. According to James, in late 2017, a turning point came in his life when he had to face the day when he was unable to leave his car. He immediately talked to his Doctor and told him that he could not explain the things that were happening to him. James Middleton was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). 

Impact on Boomf Business

His Doctor asked James whether he was feeling well to which James started answering in a negative tone. According to Tatler, the Doctor referred James to a specialist for intense therapy for a long course of time. He went to the estate of his brother-in-law in Scotland, Glen Affric, to relax for some time. Later James Middleton started to date Alizee Thevenet, a French-born financial analyst and began to start experience happiness again. This year as of August 2019, Boomf sales climbed up to £4.4 million from £2.8 million and saw profits worth £175,000. He announced his engagement with Alizee and is very excited about his life as he has not asked for anything more.

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