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What Is The Difference Between Depression And Bipolar?

What is the difference between Depression and Bipolar?

Depression and Bipolar

Here, we will be talking about depression and bipolar. So if you are also confused about the depression and bipolar, then this will clear all of your doubts. What is the difference between depression and bipolar? This question is often asked by a lot of people. So let’s start from the base.

What is Depression?

Depression is basically a state of mind where a person feels extremely upset and his mood gets very low. This can affect his thoughts, behavior, and feelings. Depression can make a person feel sad, anxious or ashamed.

A depressed person may lose interest in the things that they used to love. Depression can be the reaction of some drugs, treatment, or maybe because of some psychiatric syndrome such as major depressive disorder.

What is Bipolar?

Bipolar disorder is generally a brain disorder or you can say mental illness. Bipolar disorder affects the mood of an individual and his energy and ability to function. This condition has three states which are bipolar1, bipolar2, and cyclothymic disorder.

People who have bipolar disorder can experience extreme psychological conditions that occur in different intervals which are also known as mood episodes. Depressive, hypomanic and manic are the three mood episodes.

This kind of disorder can be treated and the people with these disorders can lead to a normal lifestyle.

Difference between Depression and Bipolar

The major difference between depression and bipolar is symptoms of mania. The mania symptoms can characterize by the excitement, extreme elations, connected with the bipolar condition. Bipolar depression is also known as Maniac depression. In order understand it completely, we have to look at the symptoms of both.

Symptoms of depression

There are many different factors that can lead to depression. Here are some symptoms:

  1. You will feel hopeless and nothing will work out and you will have no idea how to change your situation.
  2. Depression can lead to weight gain or weight loss. Individual, suffering from depression can expect a 5% weight changes in the body.
  3. Insomnia is a common symptom, not being able to sleep in the morning hours is very common in depression.

In bipolar disorder, you may see all the symptoms mentioned above but the main difference is the mania symptoms. A person with bipolar disorder can experience extreme mood swings. These mood swings can fluctuate between depressive lows and manic highs. Some of the manic symptoms are:

  1. Anger is the most common symptom of mania. Peron will get angry at small things and it will lead to extreme sadness.
  2. You won’t be able to concentrate on anything and the need for sleep will be decreased.
  3. You will be more talkative than ever. An urge of taking actions that might harm you.


Both depression and bipolar can be treated but the people who are suffering for any of these should not take it lightly. In some, it can be life-threatening and we suggest you take medical help to get over these disorders.

I hope that this article will solve all of your queries regarding depression and bipolar and now you know the difference between them.

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